Better Communities Program

Better Communities Program

Local development

It’s a program aimed at workers of Health Posts located in the 58 provinces of the South of Guatemala. The Program began in 2017 with the objective of developing technical skills and a service attitude in public health officials, so that preventive health becomes meaningful in their daily work activities.
Well-child examinations, family medicine and the epidemiological registry is deepened in such a way that the Health Post focuses comprehensively on the promotion of health and prevention of diseases.

• We have trained over 500 people who provide care services at the 159 health posts; distributed in the departments of Escuintla, Suchitepéquez, Retalhuleu and Santa Rosa.

Better Communities Program Local development This program began in 1997, looking to foster citizen participation, leadership and decision-making by community groups within the framework of the national institutional structure, through the formulation and execution of “Comprehensive

Community Development Plans”. These are managed by the own community members, as they seek development of their communities with a long-term vision.
The Program was designed to bring consultancy to the community members in the process from the identification of their main needs to the development of a plan that allows the improvement of life-quality to their communities.

In the Community Development Plan, projects are defined and prioritized by locals, as well as the timeframe to carry them out. Fundazúcar trains and provides technical assistance to the residents so that they can manage and execute these projects. Communitarians are instructed on Law, processes and other legal requirements.

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