Better Families Program

Better Families Program

Promoting nutritional food security

The Better Families Program is an innovative model that promotes Food and Nutrition Security by fostering self-confidence, self-management and leadership in women, as agents of change for the development and well-being of their families and their communities.

It is aimed at women on reproductive ages and children under the age of 5. The program has an anthropological base and lasts 15 months and is part of the four pillars of Food and Nutrition Security: (1) availability, (2) access, (3) consumption and (4) biological use of food.

The objective is to develop practices in women for the adequate selection, preparation and consumption of food, as well as educating mothers in preventive health with sustainable actions to improve mother-child, family and community conditions.

It also seeks to strengthen community organization to ensure processes of self-management and make Food and Nutrition Security sustainable.

The program places women as the catalyst for development of their families and communities. It also fosters behavioral change and empowerment, which makes a direct impact in the reduction of chronic child malnutrition by up to 7%.

The program has a monitoring and evaluation system, with measurable and quantifiable indicators that allow evaluating the results.Due to its positive results, the program has been transferred to two Presidencies-in-Office in Guatemala and one in Honduras. Since 2014, the program has been executed as part of a public policy of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion of the Government of Honduras, covering over 90% of that country. At the national level, it has also been implemented by social investors: 17 companies, foundations and international organizations with programs in Guatemala and Honduras.

Since 2002, the sugar mills of Guatemala have promoted its implementation to contribute to the welfare and development of the population. Since its inception, the program has trained more than 754,200 women, both in Guatemala and Honduras.

What is a social investor?

“Social Investors” are all those individuals and / or companies that wish to replicate the Fundazúcar Programs with their own resources in their geographical area of interest. (“Investors”, because it is a social investment, it is not about assistance nor an expense, but a commitment to the development of human capital).

How can I become a social investor? What are the requirements? What is the procedure to follow?

The only requirement is that the program must be executed exactly as it was systematized by Fundazúcar, to guarantee the results.

The program can be directly executed by your own staff, trained by Fundazúcar to replicate it the areas of interest. You can also hire the Sugar Foundation as an implementing unit. The alliance is legalized through an Agreement signed between both parties.If you are interested in replicating the model, contact Fundazúcar at (+502) 2215 8000 for more information

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